Jun 28 2018 posted by Belsis
OrganicaWorld™ LLC does not deliver to every location, so please check with our customer service team at store@organicaworld.com to see if our Products and Services are available in your area. If we currently do not deliver to your area, we cannot agree to provide you with services in accordance with our Terms, and Customers will be prohibited from paying if they have a delivery ZIP code outside of the areas where OrganicaWorld™ LLC provides Products and Services. But, if you would like us to deliver to an area we do not currently cover, please let us know. We are expanding the reach of our Products and Services. We recommend that you create an account, and we will use reasonable efforts to notify you when we launch in your ZIP code. To provide flexibility to our Customers, we offer different options as to when our deliveries will arrive to you. Please visit the "My Account” or "Frequently Asked Questions” section(s) of the Site on these options and how to change your selection. OrganicaWorld™LLC uses reliable third-party delivery companies to deliver your Products. For Account Holders that purchase perishable food products from us, each box is carefully packaged so its contents will stay adequately chilled (e.g., for meat and seafood, 40°F or cooler) until at least 10 pm on the scheduled day of delivery (modifications may be made to scheduled delivery dates during certain holidays). However, to maintain the highest quality and integrity of any food Products after delivery, we recommend that you immediately refrigerate the food items when you receive them. You should inspect your food packages to ensure the contents arrive in a cool, refrigerated condition. The best way to do this is to check the meat and fish with a food thermometer to ensure their internal temperatures are 40°F or below. If you receive a food Product containing meat or fish with an internal temperature above 40°F, you should contact our customer service and discard the item. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN ANY PERISHABLE FOOD PRODUCT UNLESS REQUESTED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you are not home when a delivery arrives, the delivery person will leave the package for you at your delivery address unless a signature is required by law. In the case of an apartment, the package could be left in an entryway, front desk, or mailroom. Anyone at the delivery address who receives the delivery is conclusively presumed to be authorized to receive the delivery. In cases in which you have designated an alternative receiver, such person shall accept the Products under all of the same terms and conditions that would apply had you accepted the delivery yourself. In the case of inclement weather, we will deliver your order as soon as reasonably possible when the conditions permit. If your designated delivery location is inaccessible, rendering us unable to make the delivery, we will attempt to contact you to determine the best alternative location and/or date for the delivery.